James d'Amico is a general manager who excels at building productive partnerships at all levels. With extensive experience in service environments, James is able to act creatively and nimbly in response to the unexpected and to grow organizations to achieve their promise. He encourages the kind of blue-sky thinking required to translate vision into realistic and executable strategies.

What sets James apart is his ability to set robust goals and then do what it takes to realize tangible results. Whether the goal is cultivating a "do well by doing good" culture, finishing a marathon competitively, raising funds for a cause in which he believes, or even crafting furniture, James is known for his commitment and follow through.

Over the past 20 years, James has also volunteered his time to charitable causes and opened his heart to strangers in the community. After selling a profitable printing and mailing business, he now seeks to transition his career from success to successful significance. If you are an organization that recognizes the importance of achieving business goals while advancing your relationship with the community that you serve, then you will benefit from having James d'Amico as a leader in your firm.

"I have known James for over 35 years, as a businessman, a family man, and a friend. He has a unique ability to build strong, productive relationships because of his willingness to invest so much of himself into others. It is this quality, along with his unwavering capacity to overcome all obstacles, that has led him to succeed in every facet of his life."

Bob Green, Retired Former Sr. Group VP, Cox Radio, Inc.

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